Welcome Gambia!

Unity Money Transfer is proud to announce that you can now transfer funds to Gambia besides Ghana!
 Take this opportunity to send money to your family, friends and business associates in Gambia and benefit from our competitive Exchange Rates.

Akwaaba, welcome!

Since 1994 Unity Monetary Services B.V. provides financial and other services to Ghanaians and friends of Ghana in The Netherlands. Unity Money offers the widest network of payment centers in Ghana, with over 250 branches of Ghana Commercial Bank, plus our own offices in Accra and Kumasi. We offer the fastest and best services to Ghana, with instant payment. The moment you pay your money to our branch office in Amsterdam, it is instantly available at any of our payment centers in Ghana. And with the reputation of Unity Monetary Services, you know your money is safe in our hands. Unity Money does not stop at money transfer to Ghana. Soon we also offer other services to Ghanaians in The Netherlands. Watch this Space!

Our Services

With agency locations across the Holland and Europe, you are never far away from a transfer outlet. We link people in the diaspora with money by offering the following services:

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